Quick Post: 31 Day Craft Challenge for October

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m participating in a 31 Day Craft Challenge for this month! 

Check out the Facebook group to see some other crafters’ goals for the month. If you’d like to participate, hurry and join because the month is already tick tick tickin’ away!

Here are some of the goals I set for myself:

Goals for October Craft Challenge

» Create Safari scrapbook
» Edit and post vacation photos from last 4 years (so behind)
» Edit and deliver Walter and Joanne’s newborn photos! ~ DONE!
» Organize beads and jewelry making supplies ~ DONE!
» Organize craft room ~ Getting close!
» Make Christmas jewelry ~ DONE!
» Finish posting all new jewelry items on Etsy ~ Almost there!
» Take picture of real-life banner to use as Etsy banner
» Make 5 more necklace display stands ~ Started but not finished yet!
» Finish clock remodel/update
» Start blogging!~ DONE!

I’ve been lucky enough to already complete two of my goals (Start blogging! and Organize beads and jewelry making supplies). I’m making headway on organizing my fabric today and I’m sure there will be a post about it in the future! I started making some Christmas jewelry as well so maybe you guys will get a sneak preview of that soon before it goes live on my Etsy shop!

Beading Rainbow

Stay tuned for my post about creating your very own inspiration wire, coming tomorrow at 9 AM!

|The Creative Physician|


6 thoughts on “Quick Post: 31 Day Craft Challenge for October

    • Great question! I use Avery Removable Multi-Use Labels that are 1″ x 1 1/2″ inches, with 10 per sheet (item number 5434 just in case). Avery provides free templates to use with Microsoft word, which make it easy to print them out as long as your printer accepts 4×6 sheets. There is also a Staples off-brand version, though I’m not sure if it’s actually cheaper. If I’m in a hurry, sometimes I just write on the labels. I like them because they are removable in case I move beads around or use up all of a certain bead. I’m sure I’ll have a post in the future about how I try to keep all my jewelry supplies organized!

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