My Epic Return, and Gift To You: Free Printable Recipe Binder Dividers

Hey there,

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, and Happy Almost February already!

I know you probably thought I’d never blog again, but alas! I have returned! I won’t go into all the details, but unfortunately life got just too much in the way the past couple of months for me to be able to post my projects.

While working on reorganizing some of the house, I went searching for a set of printable recipe binder dividers.  It makes so much sense to me to just put together your own binder to file away all those printed out recipes and magazine clippings.  I had started one several years ago but didn’t really have dividers and needless to say it needs some reorganization.

I scoured the internet, and while there were some cute pay for options, I was looking for something free (and graphic).  Most of the dividers I saw were simple, but I wanted simple with a little picture.  So I chose a font (KG Always A Good Time — I also love KG Strawberry Limeade) and some free Microsoft clipart (ignore the fact that it says the page does not exist– just search for the desired image) and went to town.  I now present to you this free downloadable template!

Recipe Divider Download Preview

Recipe Divider Download Preview

There is a cover page and the following categories: Appetizers, Dips, Sauces & Marinades, Salads & Dressings, Soups & Stews, Breakfast, Dessert, Entrees, and Slow Cooker Recipes. I decided to print mine on parchment colored cardstock to keep with the retro feel. I also plan to place them in page protectors for longevity and add stick-on divider tabs.

You can get the PDF version here, or if you’d like to modify the categories, change colors, etc. here is the Microsoft Word file here.  I recommend saving back as a PDF before printing in order to prevent Word from destroying your color palette (PDF automatically uses Adobe 1998 colors if I’m not mistaken, which is generally matched to the screen pretty closely).

I hope to be posting more and interacting with all of you again soon! Hopefully I have more of a presence for the next 11 months out of the new year.

|The Creative Physician|


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