For the love of art and humanity.

The Creative Physician began as an additional fundraising source for Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative last year during a week-long fundraising event Sarah helped coordinate at the University of Texas.After beginning the Etsy shop for this purpose, Sarah had a hard time letting go of the idea of selling her crafts to the world over. Slowly but surely, she has continued to create handmade items in her spare time despite her busy schedule.

Now due to medical problems, Sarah is taking a year off from medical school and has decided to fill her time with her love of crafts and handmade items.

To stay true to The Creative Physician’s beginnings, Sarah has decided that her Etsy shop will be essentially non-profit, with a minimum of 50% of profit donated yearly to the Baylor Pediatric AIDS Initiative and the remaining profit to be reinvested in the shop in order to create new products and wares.

Sarah’s blog is a way for her to share her DIY crafts and projects with the world, as well as a way to promote her Etsy shop.
Please visit The Creative Physician to see what all the fuss is about!

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