Quick Post: To Decorate or Not To Decorate?

I decided early on this year that I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas. My boyfriend and I will both be traveling in separate places, and I won’t be home until mid-January, which I’d say it pushing it for taking down the majority of Christmas decorations. Needless to say, who wants to come home after traveling for almost a month to a chore like putting away the holiday season, literally? Not only is putting it away not near as much fun as putting it up, but it usually takes up a weekend to do it right. I decided instead, probably back in September, that I would take the energy I would normally put into taking out all the decorations and putting everything up, into making handmade gifts and working on unfinished Christmas crafts that I can enjoy next year. I also decided if it I skip it this year, maybe somehow that will make it even better next year.

I additionally vowed I didn’t want to buy lots of new Christmas decorations, since I wouldn’t get to enjoy them for another year– but that’s working out less than perfectly. Some things are just so perfect for your Christmas decor that you can’t pass them up. But more on that another time.

However, as I lack to make progress on the medical problems I took time off from school to fix (here I am 8 months later, having made little progress), and with some even worsening for the time being, I’m drawn more and more to the idea of decorating. Somehow decorating for Christmas makes the house feel even more warm, inviting, and just overall full. It’s as if the house is overflowing with cute things and sparkle, way more than what is normally acceptable. Somehow I’m not in the mood for the delayed gratification that might come from skipping the decorations this year.

In the end, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist decorating. It will be only my second time decorating this house, and I know I still have lots of kinks to figure out. Maybe the extra effort is worth it in the end just to satisfy myself, even if there won’t be a family gathering or a party for everyone to see it.

What’s your take? Do you decorate for Christmas even if you’ll be gone? Is it worth the effort? I’d love to hear what you think!

Look forward to tomorrow’s post about more ways to organize your fabric and some other organization tips!

Until next time,
|The Creative Physician|


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