Five DIY Fall and Halloween Wreaths

Happy Friday! I decided to do my own pretend link party and link you guys to some tutorials for unique and awesome Halloween and fall wreaths. You can consider it a project I plan to do in the future! I tried my best to only pick five, but it’s difficult with all the cool designs out there.

Wicked Apple Wreath. *Photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes

Wicked Apple Wreath. *Photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes

1. First up, we have this wicked cool Wicked Apple Wreath by Flamingo Toes. You can check out the step-by-step tutorial here. Another way you might simplify this is by using lace stockings. I love the little bit of Spanish moss at the bottom!

Bat Wreath Inspired by Tatertots and Jello *Photo is not my property but the source is unknown.

Bat Wreath Inspired by Tatertots and Jello *Photo is not my property but the source is unknown.

2. So the picture is unfortunately one of those lost images on Pinterest that just kind of floats around not attached to anything. But fortunately, I found the original tutorial that inspired this at Tatertots and Jello found here. Just change up the scale of the bats and the color of the chevron ribbon and you’re golden! Here’s a cute bat template from Martha Stewart that I’ve used in the past.


3. Here’s a picture of my current wreath. I used Martha Stewart’s tutorial found here. I added “BOO” in white lettering to give it some interest from far away. Most of my snakes came from The Dollar Tree, and others I ordered on Amazon to keep the cost down.

Fall Wreath *Photo courtesy of The Ruffled Stitch

Fall Wreath *Photo courtesy of The Ruffled Stitch

4. I know all of these so far have been for Halloween, but here’s a simple fall wreath. I love the little banner. I’m all for hanging letters in the center of the wreath and I love the feel of the burlap triangles. You could dress this up with all sorts of things on the traditional grapevine wreath to make it your own. This tutorial can be found here on The Ruffled Stitch.

Felt Ghost Wreath. *Photo courtesy of Tatertots and Jello

Felt Ghost Wreath. *Photo courtesy of Tatertots and Jello

5. Once again from Tatertots and Jello we have my favorite, that I definitely want to make in the near future: Felt Ghost Wreath. I have a pretty big weakness and love for felt, so this is right up my alley. I love the details in this wreath, like how the ghosts are all different sizes and asymmetrically placed.

Well that wraps up this post about great Halloween and Fall Wreath Tutorials! Hope you found some inspiration to create your own wreath!

Until Monday,

|The Creative Physician|


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Introducing… Well, Me

I’m happy to finally be able to say, I did it! I took that first step, and published a blog.  Since the beginning of college, I’ve had people telling me I should start a blog, but until now I didn’t feel like the time was right.  I kept feeling like I didn’t have enough content, or that there are already so many blogs out there.  But I decided to take the leap anyway, and here I am!

My name is Sarah Young.  I’ve done arts and crafts (literally) for as long as I can remember.  My mom put in my in art camp around age 6, and I continued to draw and paint through high school.  Beginning in junior high, I added website design and using the Adobe suite to my repertoire.  By high school, I became interested in photography and began working in a portrait studio at the young age of 16, despite the fact that normally you had to be 18 to photograph clients.  Ultimately I decided I wanted to go into fashion– and what better place than Parsons.  I had my hopes high, and was lucky enough to be accepted.

While I thought Parsons, and fashion, were my dream, I soon realized that maybe my junior high Project Runway fantasy wasn’t going to become a realty.  I found myself desperate for intellectual stimulation.  Despite staying up all night working on a project for school, I would then find myself reading books and trying to cram knowledge into my exhausted brain.  Ultimately, it wasn’t fulfilling.  I decided that perhaps arts and crafts were better left as a hobby, rather than a career.

I ended up transferring to the University of Texas.  When I graduated from high school (a year early, at the age of 17), I never thought I would end up going to the statey-ist of state schools in the state.  Somehow I ended up there, and was surprised at how much I loved it, despite my reservations.  I not only reconnected with my now boyfriend of five years, but I found my path to what I hope will be a lifelong career: medicine.

After four years of undergrad and the grueling process of applying to medical school, I had arrived.  I had gotten into my dream school, Baylor College of Medicine.  I loved and hated every minute of the first six months, but unfortunately my health deteriorated with the stresses of school.  The medical problems I had ignored and put off finally caught up with me, and I was forced to take a year off.

And that’s where I am today, taking time off from medical school in order to get well.  In the mean time, I’m enjoying re-kindling my creative side and exploring what things might have been like if I had stuck it out at Parsons.  Not to mention finally getting around to those things I’ve been putting off, like starting a blog.

But now onto things this blog is actually about, rather than me.  This is the schedule I plan to stick to for now.  When I return to school it may change, but hopefully only for the better!


Monday {Literature & Pop Culture — Reviews of books, movies, TV shows, music, and other pop culture}

Wednesday {Organization & Inspiration — Somedays this might be a DIY organization project, other days it might just be about an inspirational quote.  Other days it might be a DIY organization project that is also inspirational!}

Friday {Crafts & DIY — These will be my pride-and-joy tutorials on a variety of crafts and DIY projects for the home.}

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you!


The Creative Physician